Hello world!

Here I stand pouting in cyberspace because I have come to the conclusion that I am so not original. When I was a little girl I thought my name was a one of a kind, until I was old enough to realize that about 800 strippers fling their panties under the flag of Amber Starr. hmmph. But that's not my current snit.

For almost the entire week now I have been trying to put together a portfolio so that one day I can achieve gainful employment as a graphic designer. I have plowed through hundreds of other portfolios looking for inspiration, walking away completely in shock. I suck. Will that stop me? NEVER! Because while I may not be the genius that so many others are, I can still pride myself in knowing that all of my professional work has somehow snuck its way into each and everyone's mailbox in the surrounding 5 counties. There's no better way to infiltrate than through "junk mail!"


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