Happy Birthday Had

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Because our beloved camera joined our family two weeks prematurely, I wasn't really expecting much for my birthday last Thursday. I didn't turn a special number so nobody really wanted to rub my waning youth in my face with a huge bash. My expectations weren't high but not in a mopey kind of way - more of a, "Oh. Another year's gone by," kind of way. How surprised I was!

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Waiting at home was a lovely bunch of springy colored roses topped with balloons and bunches of cards. Gift cards to boot!

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And although this beautiful journal just for me is not technically a birthday present, I'm going to pretend that Miss Elizabeth is pyschic and that's why it showed up on our door step just in time for cake. Thank you BP for such a nice thank you!

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And yes, I am now officially a member of the Legion of Pod People. My sisters each got a Nano for Christmas and I must not have wiped the drool off of my lips well enough because my parents took all of my ogling as hint dropping. Aren't my parents so Cool? I thought you might agree!

And, AND more gift cards and stuff! Holey Moley I was spoiled this year!

So to everyone a huge THANK YOU and a big squeeze! I love you :) And because I love you here are some fresh Ava pics. Everybody say, "CHHEEEEKS!"


april said…
happy belated...
once you go pod you never go back.
Anonymous said…
Hey-- now THAT's timing even I couldn't plan--- so glad it arrived in good order--- what beautiful birthday you had!!

And pod people-- I never even thought of it that way before-- invasion of th epods . . ~bluepoppy
Jes said…
Oh lucky you to have such a fab birthday! Yes you're parents are way cool...and what about that darling BP?!

The roses are gorgeius!

"invasion of the epods"...hehe.
Jes said…
ah pooh....I hate it when I look like I can't spell!!

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